Snowgoons & Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus - A FIST IN THE THOUGHT (2009)

Size: 105 mb
Quality: VBR kb/s


1. Who Are You (Produced By: Snowgoons)
2. Get Down (Produced By: Snowgoons)
3. Platoon Goons feat. Reef The Lost Cauze (Produced By: Snowgoons)
4. Trapped On Earth feat. Brainstorm (Produced By: Snowgoons)
5. Run Run (Produced By: Scorpio61)
6. At War feat. Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
7. Knuckle Up (Produced By: Snowgoons)
8. One Shot (Produced By: Snowgoons)
9. Pray Hard feat. Sicknature (Produced By: Sicknature)
10. South Carolina Struggle feat. Vibez (Produced By: Snowgoons)
11. Michael Nobody aka Poetic Death (Produced By: Snowgoons)
12. Planetary Takeover feat. Planet X (Produced By: Al Tarba)
13. All In Your Mind feat. Viro The Virus (Produced By: Snowgoons)
14. Capital City Streetz (Produced By: Snowgoons)
15. Snakes (Produced By: Snowgoons)
16. Hip Hop Crusaders feat. King Syze, Kev Turner (Produced By: Snowgoons)
17. Been Fighting Devilz (Produced By: Eternel)

Marco Polo And Torae - Double Barrel (2009)

Size: 65 mb
Quality: VBR kb/s


04-marco_polo_and_torae_-_smoke_feat_lil_fame_of_m.o.p._and_rock_of_heltah_ skeltah-ysp.mp3

Frantik - Solitary Confinement

Size: 45 mb
Quality: 128 kb/s


01 Intro.mp3
02 Chop The Headz.mp3
03 Freedumb ft. Jon The Baptist.mp3
04 The Balance ft. Sage Infinite & Grimface.mp3
05 Man vs Machine ft. Decipher.mp3
06 Return of the King.mp3
07 Lyrical Landmines ft. Grimface & Gamblez.mp3
08 Beyond The Universe ft. Census & Decipher.mp3
09 Indivisible ft. Kollision.mp3
10 100 Bars.mp3
11 Some Other Time ft. Decipher.mp3
12 All Alone ft. Decipher.mp3
13 Sleep Well ft. Decipher.mp3
14 A Page in my Rhyme Book.mp3
15 At the End of Dreams ft. Oz Arc Raider.mp3
16 Sacraficial Mathematics ft. Decipher & Gamblez.mp3
17 Heavens Not Enough ft. Decipher.mp3
18 Outro.mp3

Gambino Tha God - Insomnia

Size: 66 mb
Quality: 128 kb/s


01 This is War.mp3
02 Deep Shit (Prod. by K.O.).mp3
03 Run, Hide, Duck.mp3
04 Divine Image ft. Grimface Mindstate (Prod. by Frantik).mp3
05 Return of the Boom Bap ft. Grimface Mindstate, Decipher & Frantik.mp3
06 Lyrical Landmines (Remix) ft. Grimface Mindstate & Frantik.mp3
07 It Starts With G (Prod. by F.O.S.T).mp3
08 The Siege ft. Grimface Mindstate & Frantik.mp3
09 Torture Tactiks ft. Frantik.mp3
10 Sadistic Diction.mp3
11 The Machine.mp3
12 Hearts of Evil ft. Frantik & Grimface Mindstate (Prod. by Frantik).mp3
13 Wrekshop.mp3
14 Drug Muzik.mp3
15 Blood Type Freestyle ft. Kollision & Hectik.mp3
16 Politrix ft. Frantik & Decipher.mp3
17 The Suicide Note.mp3

On Tha Rize - Empire

Size: 69 mb
Quality: 128 kb/s


01 Frantik The God Intro.mp3
02 Straight Outta Empire.mp3
03 Ice Pick Rap ft. Frantik.mp3
04 Fuck With the Squad ft. Kollision, Frantik & Grimface.mp3
05 We Here Now.mp3
06 Eyes Wide Shut.mp3
07 Livin' Legends ft. Decipher.mp3
08 One 2 Da Dome ft. J-Spliff.mp3
09 Swizz Beats Freestyle.mp3
10 Vocal Artillery ft. J-Spliff.mp3
11 The Ressurection ft. IrateFam.mp3
12 Broken Dreams (Prod. by Frantik).mp3
13 The Game Is Mine.mp3
14 Path of Destruction.mp3
15 Deep Cover '08.mp3
16 On Tha Rize ft. Frantik.mp3
17 You Cant Stop Us.mp3